Sugoi fam,

We are so excited to launch this collaboration with @Neptuneexplainsitall at Sugoi Saturday next month on May 1st, 2021. We have bee planning this for months and it's finally almost here.

We will have limted spots for vendors registration for this event and also will have another event in May as a regular Sugoi Saturday for more vendors to join us. Stay tune for the registration details. 


With Covid, we want to remind you all our safety measures and guidelines:

  • Masks are required at all time and must be worn properly. No exeception. We will be providing hand sanitizers and free face masks through out the whole event. 
  • Maintain 6 feet distance between you and others. Please only stay in group of 4 at a time.
  • Clean up after yourself.

Please stay home if:

  • You can't breathe from wearing masks or don't want to wear masks
  • You had, have had or are having any underlying or pre-existing health conditions
  • You are sick, feeling sicks, or having any symptoms resembling to ones of COVID-19
  • You are currently waiting for COVID-19 test result
  • You have come in contact with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days
  • You have recently travel outside of the US the past 14 days