Sugoi Saturday shall operate the following days and hour:

  • Setup Date: Same date as event date
  • Setup Hours: 2:30pm-4pm
  • Event Hours: 4 pm - 8 pm
  • Teardown Hours: 8 pm - 9 pm


1800 E Borchard Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705


Vendor may set up according to the hours listed in Date & Hours. Vendor may drive their vehicles to the front of the Honda Center to unload and move your vehicles to approved parking area immediately. Failure to remove any vehicles on Event Hours will result in automatic cancellation of Vendor booth rental with no refund. 


  • Load-in time is 1.5 hours before the event. You may not load in during Event Hours for the safety of our guests.
  • There will be no table, chairs, or electricity provided. Vendors will be responsible for their own display, decorations, and necessities for setting up. 
  • When loading in, please remove your items from your vehicles and drop off at your designated area. Then move your vehicles to an approved parking areea. It cannot stay parked out front while you set-up. If it is left for an extended period of time, it could be towed per venue policies.
  • After set-up, you will be required to stay the entire event.
  • While at the venue, al trash created from our booth is your responsibilities. We ask that you leave your spac cleaner than you found it. Please do not take anything not belonging to you. Failure to clean up after yourself could result in temporary suspension from all future event hosted by Creative Offsets LLC
  • You will be held responsible for any damage happens to your booth space.
  • In compliance with Fire Department regulations, all tents (aka EZ-up, canopies, etc.) must have a fire certificate that is with you on-site to present when requested. Without this certificate, you will be required (by the Fire Department) to remove your tent from the venue.
  • The use of any open space next to your own booth space is prohibited. If violations occur, security will remove all equipment, merchandises, and/or decorations in violation.


  • Content dsiplayed at your booth must be family friendly with a highest rating of PG-13
  • Music may be played at your booths but must not be so loud to disturb other vendors.
  • Your space will be marked on the floor. You must stay within that area to ensure you don't impede on your neighbors or fire lane.
  • Vendors are expected to be present in their booth/ table during all hours of event operation with no exceptions. During operation hours, Vendor booth/ table must have a person-in-charge present at all times. If a Vendor booth is vacant, non-operational, or missing a person-in-charge during operation hours, Vendor forfeits their booth rental for the remainder of the event. Operational hours for all Vendors areas are the same as the event operation houras. We are not responsible for any lost or  damaged items.
  • No outdoor food will be allowed inside the area per the venue request. 


Vendor parking will be free. Please follow maps posted on each event flyer on our Instagram @SugoiSaturday for details


Vendors will be selected booth location upon payment once their application has been approved. Additionally, Vendors' actual location will be determined by Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets as necessary to accommodate for any changes made to the map layout. Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets will in turn made sure to communicate nay changes to the map layout to the affected vendors.


Security will be present and patrol inside and out of the venue during show time. Additional secuirty will be present at the front along with metal detector to ensure the safety of our Vendor, guests, and attendees. Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets will not be responsible for any loss or damaged to items.


Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets shall not be responsible for loss of personal property, materials or equipment owned or rented by Responsible Party, Vendors or attendees, by theft, damage or other means.


It is your responsibility as a Vendoor to have a valid Seller's Permit issued by the California State Board of Equalization when making any on-site sales on taxable goods or services. Get a Temporary Seller's Permit here: Obtain Temporary Seller's Permit


  • Vendor shall not share or sublease any part of their booth space for any other business or purpose other than what was written on Vendor Application.
  • Vendor may not display, sell distrribute, promte, or use anything of the following items: illicit drugs, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, e-cigs, firecrackers, fireworks, firearms, weapons, or any items that promote vulgar/offensive/sexually explicit material as judged by Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets. Such judgement by Event Organizers shall be final. 
  • Vendors may be requested to remove a product or service displayed at their booth at the sole discretion of Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets if deemed unsuitable, and such decisions shall be final. Vendors agree that Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets shall not be liable for any damages or losses, pecuniary or otherwise, foreseen or unforeseen, incurred by Vendor as a result of such action.


  • Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets shall not be responsible for any loss to Vendor due to natural causes or force majeure including, but not limited to, rain, thunder and lightning, and wind.
  • Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless, Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets, its officers and directors, agents, representatives, and employees from any and all claims, damages, losses and liabilities arising from Vendor’s participation with the event.
  • Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets assumes no responsibility for damaged or lost articles/booths/exhibits belonging to Vendor.
  • Vendor agrees to comply with all the regulations of the facility hosting the event and all federal, state, and municipal laws, including health and safety.
  • Vendor agrees to be responsible for collection and reporting of sales tax as required by law.
  • Vendor shall be responsible for obtaining all licenses, permits, health certificates or items required by governmental agencies in order that Vendor’s booth may be lawfully operated.
  • Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets has full authority to stop Vendor from operating, without refund, should Vendor sell or promote products and/or services other than those stated in Vendor’s application.
  • Sugoi Saturday and Creative Offsets reserves the right to remove any Vendors from the event for any reason. 


  • We’ve been very intentional and gradual in our approach to our COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Based on recent trends and guidance, Sugoi Saturday & Creative Offsets will be making adjustments to these measures, which may continue to change at any time without notice. 
  • All Guests & Vendors (ages 2 and up) must wear face coverings at all times, especially when indoors. Face coverings are not necessary when eating outdoors 6 feet apart from other guests not in your party.