• If I choose to back out of the event, will I be refunded?

Per contractual agreement, there will be no refunds or future event credit.


  • Can I play music/TV advertisements from my booth?

Yes, as long as it does not interfere with your neighbors and the stage performances.


  • Will there be dollies, carts, ladders, etc be available onsite for vendors to borrow?

No, Vendors are responsible for their own product transportation.


  • What will be provided at the event?

No tables, chairs, or electricity will be provided at Sugoi Saturday.


  • Are pets allowed at Sugoi Saturday?

Pets will not be allowed inside the venue. 


  • Will the show organizer help transport goods to the show grounds?

For safety and security reasons, we do not provide mail or package receiving services.


  • Can I request help with the unloading of goods from my vehicle to my booth?

Vendors are responsible for the delivery and removal of their own goods. No forklifts, pallet jacks, dollies or any equipment will be available on site from the show organizer.


  • Can I resell or sublease my booth space?

Vendors are strictly prohibited from reselling or sub-leasing any booth or table space.


  • Can I use the aisles outside of my booth for displaying my goods?

No. According to the Pomona Fire Department regulations, no goods or merchandise of any sort are to be placed along the aisles at all times, as this may impede the Fire Department passage in case of emergencies.


  • Do I have to display my seller’s permit in a public place at all times?

As per government regulations, all vendors conducting selling operations are required to have a copy of their seller’s permits displayed in a public place at all times. During the event, tax personnel will go on their inspection rounds.