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Please beware that we are in raining season. Buying outdoor booth at your own risk. 

This item is non-shippable and is for vendors only who want to participate in Sugoi Saturday event.

  • This item is for (1) 10x10 booth
  • Event time: May 18, 2024 at 4PM-8PM
  • Address: 1800 E Borchard Ave, Santa Ana CA 92705
  • By paying for the vendor fee using provided payment link(s), vendors are agreeing to the following:


  1. All vendor fee are non-transferable and non-refundable. They may not be sold, shared, or given away. Per contractual agreement, if you choose to back out, no refunds or future credit will be given. 
  2. Vendors are prohibited from subleasing any booth-space
  3. Vendors are required to stay for the entirety of the event unless otherwise agreed upon.
  4. All vendors must have records of a BOE-410-D swap meet, flea market, or special events certification and a valid CA Permanent/Temporary Seller's Permit. If you set up without a valid BOE-410-D form or provide an invalid number, all fines incurred will be passed on to the vendors.
  5. Placement of your space is at Creative Offsets’ sole and absolute discretion.
  6. The vendor(s) hereby acknowledge that he/ she/ they understand(s) and agree(s) to be bound by both the General Terms and Conditions for Creative Offsets's Policy. Vendor(s) further acknowledge that failure to abide by the Creative Offsets's Policy may result in the loss of my Vendor Privileges without recourse or refund.
  7. Vendors will be bringing their own set up. No table or chairs will be provided by Creative Offsets LLC. All tents must have a FIRE CERTIFICATE - the fire department will be there to check. 
  8. More details on load-in/ load-out will be emailed after registration is submitted. 

By purchasing this item, you agree to all the terms above.